3rd Grade Spelling Words

Welcome to 3rd Grade Spelling Words!

Third grade is an important time in a child's education.  Your student has developed better reading skills and also better writing and spelling skills.

Help your student flourish by taking the time to practice spelling for his or her weekly spelling test. Doing well can help your child build confidence as he or she brings home consistently great test scores.

Besides studying spelling verbally or online, there are a number of different games that can be played with spelling words to help your kids learn.
  • Put Spelling Words on Flash Cards and leave them in your car to study on the way to or from school.
  • Put Words on Post It notes around the house or in the child's room for kids to become more familiar with the list.
  • Play Scrabble with the goal of spelling the words on the weekly list
Import 3rd Grade Spelling Lists into your own free family account at Home Spelling Words today! Practice spelling online, play spelling games with your own spelling words and even create your own custom lists.

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